Meet The Future Of Fine Jewelry

A fusion of innovation and art, every design of DIAGO provides an outstanding quality merged with a clear conscience. Supporting people all around the world to find carefully curated pieces they can feel honest and incredible about, our goal is to offer an impactful, positive way of jewelry shopping.

Consciously Crafted

Implementing technology at its finest, DIAGO only works with recycled, solid gold and lab-grown diamonds that offer a conflict-free, yet equally real and luxurious option. Why is it so important for us to shift away from traditional jewelry making? To open a discussion and invite everyone to join, learn and participate.

The Ethical Decisions That Shape Us

Rather than using it as a motto, we ensure sustainability is at the heart of DIAGO, a mindset that defines every decision we make. Intertwining our ethos into our smallest details, our environmentally friendly packaging and delivery method share the same, ethical values as our designs.

Seeing Beyond The Industry

Our brand completes the cycle of sustainability by empowering those most affected by the history of diamonds. From every piece sold, we help communities in Africa by planting trees and providing seeds, an important source of food and income, to families. 

Weekly selection

“We aspire to be a brand of the 21st century: 100% online and without any intermediary. From you to us directly”