For every ring sold, we will grow 5 tree's in Africa in your honor

Going the extra mile.

Everything we do at DIAGO is done with the mindset, how can we complete the cycle of sustainability? and how can we do a little bit more?

From day one we have always tried to make sure that every decision we take is set to either contribute to a better world or making changes to an old industry with a more sustainable approach.

Since all of our rings are made in gold we started by making sure that we only work with 100% recycled gold. We then moved on to the diamonds, here the options were many. But after a long research period, we decided on lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds give us the most beautiful pieces of jewelry in a sustainable way, in a way where we don't contribute to the conflicts of mining diamonds and at the same time have an eco-friendlier product to offer our clients. Have in mind that the product itself is in the exact same great quality as mined diamond and none recycled gold. We have only made it more sustainable and better without compromising the quality of the actual products.

But that isn't enough, even though we don't contribute to the mining diamonds or gold mining what so ever. We are still apart of the industry, and therefore we have to take our responsibility by empowering those most affected by the history of diamonds. Therefor from every piece sold, we help communities in Africa by planting trees and providing seeds, an important source of food and income, to families. With every purchase, you will get a digital card thanking you for the planting of five Albizia trees.

Stay tuned for more information about our work and our products.

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