How to Propose to Your Loved One in 2020

How to Propose to Your Loved One in 2020.

As one of the many modern-day couples in the world, you may have noticed that fewer proposals are surprises as they are discussed as financial/relationship options between partners. Only 1 in 3 marriage proposals is a surprise. Although it may be a more economical choice, we believe that there’s still a romantic notion behind witnessing the face of your loved one as you pull out a ring and ask them those words unexpectedly. 

If you’re pondering the idea of getting down on one knee and need a little inspiration on how to propose to your loved one, here are some ideas (don’t forget to clear your search history so your proposal remains under wraps):

If you’re reading this because you’re looking for an article to leave open on your partner’s laptop as an obvious hint, recent revolutions in gender roles should be encouraging you to do the asking yourself. Unless your partner has specifically requested that they do the asking when the time comes, make a gesture of love and “pop the question” during a romantic moment; they will definitely be surprised but possibly be relieved over the anxiety of wondering how to ask you.

Make the proposal less about you and more about your loved one. 

It’s a common mistake when your preparation becomes a plan of action. If you love football but your partner can’t stand it, steer clear from the jumbotron proposal and think about the stuff they love and treasure, such as the place where you first met and incorporate it into your plan. 

Be chivalrous. 
For centuries women were raised to expect huge gestures of chivalry when proposal time came. Our society may have outlawed “courting” but the essence of chivalry is still very much alive. Women may no longer expect it, but they do dream about it. Don’t worry about spending huge amounts of money on the proposal; the little gestures count as well, such as getting down on one knee and making sure you ironed your shirt.

Remember, they love you not how you propose.
Don’t fret too much on how you should propose to your loved one. At the end of it all, their decision to marry you will be based on their love, affection, and desire to spend the rest of their life with you. Their mind is made up the instant they see you pulling out that ring, so fumbling over your words or a crooked tie isn’t going to deter her from saying “yes!”.

Find a ring that matches your partner perfectly.

Both personality and style should be influential factors when you decide which ring to purchase. Don’t let your mind get too preoccupied with finding the perfect ring and instead let the ring find you. You’ll know when you see it that you’ll want to see it next time on your partner’s hand. 
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